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Client : HP
Domain : Technology
Solution : Product Launch Communication
Visual Juju - Provides solutions in the world of Motion Graphics Visual Juju is a company that provides various solutions in the world of Motion Graphics. The tools we use to achieve this are Video, Animation, 3D graphics and many more.
DotAhead - An organization focused on the Web DotAhead is an organization focused on the Web. DotAhead believes that there are many opportunities that businesses can leverage the web for today, and it helps them doing just that.
Dygnos - Builds software Dashboard's Dygnos builds software Dashboard's. Dygnos turns data into knowledge you can act upon-regardless of where your data resides,and what software stores & manages it and what OS you use.
Provide quality art to discerning buyers Studio Zaki aims to provide quality art to discerning buyers at an affordable price. We commission and sell original artworks sourced from emerging and established artists.
House cleaning serviceExtrahands is a Home Process Outsourcing company that provides security, cleaning, gardening, painting, electrical repairs and other administrative services for homes and offices.
Natural homemade soaps Gulnar is a brand of Handmade Natural Beauty Products and name of a boutique spa in Goa. Gulnar products are sold in boutique resorts and niche retail outlets in Goa to an international audience.

What We Do

Synapse is a unique information agency which partners with clients to solve their business challenges through information-based initiatives

How We Work

We are particular about the process of interacting with clients and delivery of work; because unless we stand for something, how will we work?

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Our Clients

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is India's leading stock exchange covering various cities and towns across the country. Synapse is working on an initiative called the NSE Angel Guide that aims to empower and inform domestic help with steps of how to become financially secure

What We Are

Synapse is a unique information agency. Knowledge is our main capital and our values are strongly based in encouraging individual leadership with team growth. Our work is governed by systems and processes most suited to the intended outcome. Find out more about how we work and how you can work with us.

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Know Us Better

Find out what makes life at Synapse different from most. Know more about our culture, our values and the ethos governing our work. Read our ten commandments and the thought behind our way of functioning

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Current Openings

Motivated to be a part of Synapse? Find out if Synapse is where you want to be and let us know, so we can find out if you are what we are looking for.
To check current openings at Synapse click here or get in touch with us at info[AT]synapse.co

To help you with your decision to approach us, we have answers to some FAQs you ask before considering life at Synapse. We suggest you take a look at these to give you a clear expectation of us and our work.

You can also take a look at the companies in the Synapse family to understand the different job roles available with us.

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  • The deliverables from Synapse have been significantly superior to what we have had in the past from other agencies and the results have been above expectations.

    -Tarun Shah CEO- Sharekhan

  • Deliverables from Synapse have been significantly superior to what we have had in the past from other agencies and the results have been well above expectations.

    -Alagu Balaraman CTO- Sharekhan

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Information Matters is our bi-annual journal which publishes case studies of how communication initiatives can aid business.

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To Subscribe to our journal, Information Matters, mail us at info[AT]synapse[DOT]co.

At Synapse, we believe that Technology and Communication form the dominant discourse of society that determine the nature and quality of our interaction with life and our very perception of it. Most of us at Synapse have been involved with the digital technology and media industries and have seen that these two forces are not understood or used with intelligence and responsibility. We recognize the need for an institution that raises the level of knowledge and awareness about technology and communication. Synapse is such an institution.

In the beginning Synapse was born on April 1, 2000, and would have remained a twinkle in our eye, if not for a generous grant from the Jasubhai Foundation, facilitated by Mr Jasu Shah, the head of the trust. Growing from its years as a registered not-for-profit society, Synapse is today a Private Limited Company that manages all its costs from the income it earns through projects. It remains the ideal partner for organizations who take a broader view of information and believe that it can impact their business.

Synapse is a largely knowledge oriented agency with a keen focus on consistent study to keep up with the evolving industry standards. Our learning occurs in the form of Research Reports and White Papers in our domain of expertise as commissioned by our clients as well as internally produced documents towards our core intellectual property. We believe that knowledge is the nucleus of our services and practices. We have listed some of our learnings over the years and hope you find them informative.

FEATURED DOWNLOADS: Typography monograph: Download PDF[ 1.33 Mb ]

Information design in business: Download PDF[ 681 Kb ]

Digital Delivery: Download PDF[ 825 Kb ]

Valuation of Media Companies: Download PDF[ 497 Kb ]

Understanding GIS Application: Download PDF[ 784 Kb ]

Multimedia in Business: Download PDF[ 443 Kb ]

The Business of Education : Download PDF[ 336 Kb ]

The Connected Organisation : Download PDF[ 1.15 Mb ]

Secure Networks : Download PDF[ 311 Kb ]

Secondary Research: Download PDF[ 281 Kb ]

Migrating to Open Source: Download PDF[ 1 Mb ]

Demystifying E-Governance: Download PDF[ 1.29 Mb ]

Understanding Research: Download PDF[ 1.04 Mb ]

If you would like to see more of our whitepapers and reports, please contact us at Synapse.

* Images in the documents are in low resolution to reduce file size and enable faster download.